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The following images represent some of the work I've done over the last several years.  Earlier work has the block backwards-B K on the right side of the blade.  Newer work has my new maker's mark etched into the left side of the blade.

Groomsmen gift knives for my wedding.  My basic EDC design with heavily figured Arizona Desert Ironwood and linen or canvas micarta for handles, vulcanized spacers, mosaic pin, O-1 tool steel full-tang blades with full flat grinds, and custom kydex sheaths:

An early EDC blade with O-1 and linen micarta:

An order completed just before Christmas, 2008.  5/32" CPM 154 steel with layered vulcanized spacers and linen micarta handles.  The knife was made for a Canadian, and there is an etch of a maple leaf on the right side of the blade in addition to the Canadian flag-themed spacers:

A 5.25" blade O-1 camper with canvas micarta, full flat grind, and a mustard/horseradish patina.  This was one of my earlier knives and was heat treated in a one brick propane forge for my personal use before I built the oven:

A gift for a friend's father.  EDC with striking Arizona Desert Ironwood handles and an 5/32" O-1 blade: 

A knife completed for a good friend of mine.  O-1, flat grind with convex finish and zero edge bevel; finger grooves and black linen micarta with red spacers.  This one turned out wicked sharp with the thin blade and zero edge bevel: