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This page is to share some feedback from my customers:


Excerpt from Bladeforums:

Hey guys,
I am the very lucky recipient of this knife. Nathan, I want to thank you again for taking the time to build this for me. I appreciate the fact that you let me basically design it and choose everthing from the steel to the handles and sheath. I could not be more pleased or impressed. This is by far the best built and sturdiest knife I own. The way this knife was made and assembled is unbelievable. The weight and feel of the knife are both comfortable and I know I can always trust this knife to take care of anything I need it to do with ease. Being a knife nut, I never go hunting without 4-5 knives simplly so I have a variety to choose from. I feel like from now on it will just be this fixed blade and my Benchmade Griptilian going to the lease. Thanks again Nathan!!!!!!



     Thank you for the incredible knife. It is masterfully crafted, prudently designed and finished exquisitely.  It will be treasured for years to come and put to good use in the field and on future deployments.  Thank you not only for taking the time and effort  to make such a excellent tool, but for the  hospitality and grace you have shown me.  When we spoke today, I was humbled by your kindness and appreciation for the United States  service men and women.  Yet I am enlightened as to how blessed we are to be a nation of skilled and passionate Americans such as yourself.  Please extend my heartfelt appreciation to David at Great Lakes Waterjet, Spec-Ops for the sheath, and Mr.Shunnarah for the handy tag knife.

I am truly grateful for the gift, it is cause to be reminded of how thoughtful and appreciative Americans truly are.
                 Thank You.


Update from Facebook from SGT Kennann:

thanks Nathan......i love this knife....buy far the best made knife i have ever had........use it all the time.....Burgess Knives are the best


Merry Christmas Nathan!

He loved it. "How did you get this on it!" He was impressed with the
Canadian touches. It took a minute for him to understand that you
layered the colors in the handle, that it was actually hand crafted.
He was so impressed with it that he doesn't want to use it in the wet
and grimy situations. He's like that with new cars too. I usually
threaten inflict the first scratch so he won't be protective.

A friend of ours was over today. He is a carpenter, and LOVES knives,
guns, etc. "WHO made this for you? Nice blade, slick handle!" He
noticed all of the details right away. "Hey look, he even thought to
put a drain hole."

So... in a nutshell, a success. Thanks Nathan!

Have a Happy New Years Day!
Nicole :)


  You have something to be very proud of, this blade and sheath are a work of art. I am very pleased with the knife and sheath package, and am sure I will enjoy using them for years to come. Needless to say I am very impressed with the product you provide, but also your customer service has been incredible, it has been pure pleasure doing business with you.  At this time I know you would like to explore other avenues of bladecraft, however, in the future should you decide that you have some time and would like to take another knife order or two, please let me know as I have a couple of blades in mind....  (I'll browse your website from time to time, and maybe send you a message later in the year to check in with you...)
Thank You Very Much,


   Listened to your message regarding the follow up, and would like to say WOW, your customer service extends even beyond the purchase. It sounds as if you are truly concerned about your customer's satisfaction. This is something that does not exist much in today's world, so I  would like to say Thank You for the follow up. Now I am sure that you are also interested in how well your blade has been performing, and I must say that the knife you created for me has risen to the top of all the blades I own. The blade itself is very comfortable in the hand, unfortunately I don't really use it for extended lengths of time doing continuous cutting, although if I had a lot of cutting to do this would be the knife I would reach for. The sheath is an important part of the whole package for me, if I have an incredible blade and isn't easy to carry, then the blade won't see much use. The combination you have with your EDC knife along with the sheath/clip makes for a very user friendly package. It has been easy to simply clip on when I feel I will be needing the blade, as well as remove the knife/sheath should I be going somewhere it would not be appropriate to be carrying a knife, or it won't be needed. This knife is as easy to carry as a folder with a pocket clip, so needless to say I no longer carry a folder. My friend, if I have not said this before, you have created an incredibly beautiful blade and provided an excellent means to carry this blade, so to me that is closing in on perfection. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, you probably wanted some constructive criticism to help you improve your product. Unfortunately I don't really have any complaints at this time. The blade shape is one that I like very much, the steel choice has been stain free, the weight and size of the blade have been just fine.
 Nathan, you did good young man !
Thanks again,